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Scott McMahon

Floyd Rose SetupMy main trick with this is the reverse setup. This technique is perfect for the live performer. It’s easy, just don’t cut off the ball at the end of the string. Put it through the hole in the tuning peg and leave about five inches of slack past the locking saddle before you trim it. Lock the string into place and tighten it. If you break a string during a performance all you need to do is unlock it, pull the string down to the saddle and get back on track. This technique is very simple and effective and can offer the performer some peace of mind knowing that he will be able to get back into the song sometimes before it even ends.

Anytime you replace a string with a Floyd Rose it is our recommendation that you place a piece of leather, about 4”x4”, under the bridge. This will keep the allen keys from hitting your custom paint job. You can usually get these at any fabric shop

Talk Box
You will need a mic stand and a mic for this one. Lesson one, don’t blow the shit up! 4 ohms will fry this thing and leave smoke in your mouth, believe me! 8 ohms is ok and 16 ohms is better, be careful everytime with switchable amps.

Set it up like the pros do. Use Velcro instead of tape. Figure out how much slack you need with your mic stand and how far the tube should stick out in order to fit into your mouth properly. Then put some Velcro on the tube and the opposite Velcro on the microphone and the mic clip. This will enable you to readjust the tube and mount it without the gunky mess of tape. I learned this one by watching Jerry Cantrell.

When it’s time to clean the tube just use some rubbing alcohol on the inside and outside of the tube, it should do a great job.