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Scott McMahon Scott McMahon

Scott McMahon is an accomplished luthier, specializing in one-of-a-kind carved guitars.  His company, McMahon Artistry, brings together Scott's talent for creating custom paints, like his own Liquid Marble finish, with his unique craftsmanship. 

McMahon Artistry focuses on cross pollinating ideas from some of the world’s most traditional guitar designs with new ideas and approaches that result in limitless possibilities. McMahon Artistry now promises to reinvent the terms carved-top and limited edition by creating one of a kind hand carved designs that will never be able to be produced on an assembly line. McMahon Artistry’s most recent focus has been utilizing Scott’s award winning carving talents with his knowledge of guitar building. Scott draws his carving abilities from his own family as the latest in a line of master carvers, including his father, Frank McMahon, and his uncle, George Cooke. These hand carved guitars are created for non-compromising musicians that are interested modern day technology combined with the qualities of a classic instrument. The result is an astounding combination of detailed ancient design, fine woods and top-notch sound - all brought together with a serious helping of McMahon Artistry mojo. 

When creating these carved guitars, McMahon Artistry does not use any power tools, putty, or designs that compromise the comfort, tone, or playability of the instrument. These guitars are made for the studio and the arena, if an owner of one of these fine quality instruments wants to merely hang it on a wall as a show piece than that is their prerogative, but it would be a waste of beautiful tone in our opinion. McMahon Artistry’s carvings have been focused on the designs of ancient cultures like the Celts, the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and the Mayans. Any carving is possible, so contact Scott at to begin co-designing your own commissioned masterpiece.